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Powering your future responsibly

MG Solar Powertronics LLP (previously Powertronics) has full fledged ISO 9001 – 2008 certified manufacturing unit, with in house design and development capability in Solar based applications such as Solar Inverters, Charge Controllers, Home Lighting, Street Lights, Lanterns. We also provide solutions for Industrial and Domestic Power related products, such as Automatic Inverters, UPS for Computers, Float / Boost Chargers, High Current Rectifiers.
Powertronics, Mumbai, one of the OE Manufacturing Companies of State of the Art Solar Power Conditioning units which are High Tech Electronic Link in converting Solar Energy into usable AC power, have joined hands with MG Group (who have large scale presence in Automobile, Transport and Travel Industries) to offer newer products and solutions, such as Solar Pumps (irrigation), Solar Power Packs (rural health care), Solar Domestic Power Pack, Roof top Power Plants, Solar solutions for telecom sectors etc.

Product Highlights

Lighting Products


Solar lighting caters to a wide range of products like Garden, Street, Home and billboards.

power conditioning unit and charge controller unit


inverters & ups

Inverters / UPS

We provide Inverters for medical, industrial and commercial purposes upto 25 KVA and domestic inverters upto 4 KVA.

roof top lighting

Roof Top Lighting

Company Highlights



iso 9001:2008

Associations & Certifications